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Plastic Surgery

Teri Hatcher’s Plastic Surgery: Is it Confirmed or is just another Rumor?

Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery

Celebrities face a lot of pressure to maintain their age and youthful appearance gracefully during their extended period of time in the showbiz industry. With limited choices available in the market, they resort to cosmetic alterations or plastic surgery.

Likewise, American actress Teri Hatcher, who is best known for her role as Susan Mayer on the ABC’s series ‘Desperate Housewives,’ has sparked plastic surgery rumors over the years. Although the actress has admitted to experimenting with fillers, people suspect she has had plastic surgery, botox injections, facelift, and more.

So, what work has Teri Hatcher had exactly done? Is she desperate enough to resort to plastic surgery? Find out all the details here:

Teri Hatcher’s Plastic Surgery

The Desperate Housewives actress has been in the Hollywood industry for over decades. And still, she amazes fans with her age-defying beauty. As she keeps her beauty secrets to herself, people suspect she took the help of plastic surgery and other cosmetic alterations to look younger.

In August 2010, Teri opened up about the rumors, claiming that she has not had any implants, surgery, and fillers. She added:

Decided I’d shoot myself in to reveal some truths about “beauty” and hope it makes you all easier on yourself.

Teri Hatcher Plastic Surgery, Forehead Line

Caption: Teri Hatcher showing off forehead wrinkles via a Facebook post.

The actress uploaded a series of pictures where she was alone in her bathroom naked in a towel. She asked her fans did she every “toy” with Botox or fillers over the years? She continued:

Yes. (But) tell me does this look Botoxed to you? Yes I am alone in my bathroom naked in a towel on behalf of women everywhere trying to make a point. Women, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.’

Though Teri admits to having dabbled in Botox Cosmetic, she claims that she is Botox-free nowadays. She even posted pictures of herself online, wrinkling her forehead to show the muscle movement to prove the lack of Botox.

Before and After Pictures

As we look into Teri’s old pictures, the mother of two has changed a lot in her appearance. Over the years, she has been rumored to have cheek implants, Botox injections, eyes lift surgery, and facelifts.

As we look at before and after pictures of Teri; there seems to be a massive gap between the natural and plastic surgery look.

Teri Hatcher Before, After, Plastic Surgery

Caption: Teri Hatcher before and after picture.

The before picture of Hatcher reveals forehead wrinkles and the laugh lines. But now, her face has a frozen look, which indicates excess work of plastic surgery. Her recent picture also suggests the use of botulinum into her lips to fight wrinkles, which has changed her smile drastically.

Was Pain Worth the Gain?

TV viewers aren’t coming to terms with Teri Hatcher’s plastic surgery- especially botox and facelift. They alleged the change is unnatural and prefer her original appearance. Some of them even criticized her surgery doesn’t match in her facial structure.

Though Teri remains tight lip about her surgery, the 56-year-old actress makes sure to enjoy her youthful look. She seems happy about using fillers to look young.

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