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Plastic Surgery

Stana Katic’s Plastic Surgery: Did She Go Under The Knife?

Stana Katic Plastic Surgery

A Canadian- American actress, Stana Katic looks different than ever; is it because of her nose? Did she undergo plastic surgery to get a slightly upturned nose?

42, Stana Katic is notable for her portrayal as Kate Beckett on ‘Castle’ and Emily Byrne on ‘Absentia’. Originally from Hamilton, Ontario, she commuted to the US until she set her priority on Hollywood. She has featured in movies, such as- Fist of Love, Quantum of Solace, Truth about Kerry, The Double, Big Sur, Lost in Florence, etc.

Fans have noticed a slight change in her appearance, which raises the suspicion if Stana Katic underwent a nose job. Stay with us; we’ll breakdown plastic surgery details of the ‘Castle’ actress.

Did Stana Katic Undergo Plastic Surgery?

It’s usually how people are dissatisfied with how they look. It might be the proportion of the face, big nose, crow’s feet, and small breast. Luckily, medical advancements like plastic surgery, fillers, implants, and Botox have reinforced people getting their ideal appearance.

Stana Katic Plastic Surgery

Caption: Did Stana Katic underwent plastic surgery? Image Source: TV Line

As per the viewers, the ‘Castle’ actress’ appearance looks contrasting than before. They believe if Katic had had a nose job. Some of them even dared to say that if the TV series had replaced her with another actress. Perhaps, she yearned to have a straight-edged nose and set the facial balance and harmony. To date, Katic hasn’t admitted if she has done rhinoplasty.

Stana Katic Before and After Plastic Surgery

When one alters the proportion of the nose, the entire contour of the face gets noticed. Hence, fans must have spotted the change in facial features. Also, plastic surgeons believe a disproportionate nose completely affects the entire facial feature, dramatically. Before, she used to have a round nose tip and broad nose bridge, making it bigger in mien.

Stana Katic Before and After Picture

Caption: Before and after nose job picture of Stana Katic| Image Source: Pinterest

After the nose job, she has a slightly upturned nose with a less spacious nose bridge. Only the nose job has confined the vast transformation in her face as if she has undergone other plastic surgery phenomenon too. It’s false. The before and after picture of a Canadian-American actress barely shows any other procedures than a nose job.

Did plastic surgery work for her?

She stands confident with an upturned nasal tip and narrow nose bridge. Her entire face proportion is contrasting than she used to appear in her screen debut, Pit Fighter in 2005.

Stana Katic Plastic Surgery

Caption: Stana Katic stands confident with an upturned nasal tip and narrow nose bridge

Some of the fans prefer Katic in her old appearance. They have not been used to her scooped nose bridge, which has altered her facial features’ harmony. The actress isn’t worrisome about the drastic change in appearance; instead, she aims to sign new projects and shows.

Interesting Fact: Feud with co-star

Did you know, she didn’t get along with her co-star, Nathan Fillion, though they acted as a married couple in the series ‘Castle’? The sources report that she had cried her heart out in the dressing room because of Fillion’s misbehavior. The pair even went to the couple therapy session to robust their bonds too. Nothing worked out.

In the end, she decided to move out of the show. At the same time, the production house didn’t choose to pick up the new season for the TV series.

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