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Plastic Surgery

Sophie Brussaux’s Plastic Surgery: Did She Really Go Under The Knife?

Sophie Brussaux Plastic Surgery

People wonder if Drake’s baby mama, Sophie Brussaux has gone under the knife to fix her face’s contour. We’ll breakdown all of the rumors and speculation regarding the former adult film star, Sophie Brussaux.

The former porn star, Sophie Brussaux, is an artist who has exhibited her art in Milan, London, and New York. Also, she is the co-founder and artistic director of ArtsHelp. The organization renders opportunities to a new artist, who aspires to develop an art career.

Who doesn’t want to own an ideal face? Hence, there is an increase in the number of people, hooting for cosmetic surgery. Rumor has it, Drake’s baby mama; Sophie Brussaux also booked an appointment for a plastic surgeon and altered her facial feature. Is it true?

Sophie Brussaux’ plastic surgery details

Mostly, celebrities are familiar with the term ‘Plastic Surgery’. Only a few of them opt to say it loudly, while others stay mum. Nonetheless, they always bear the cosmetic procedure tag once the rumor about it swirls around or people notice sudden and drastic changes in an appearance.

Sophie Brussaux Plastic Surgery

Caption: Sophie Brussaux has gone under the knife to fix the contour of her face? Image Source: Instagram

Last year, she uploaded a new picture where she flaunted her curves in a pink bodycon dress. Folks noticed her blonde hair and a significant change in her face because of a narrow caped nose bridge. Some of them questioned if she had gone blonde permanently, while others assured if she underwent a nose job accompanied by reshaping the chin.

Sophie Brussaux Before and After Pictures

Drake and Brussaux share an adorable blue-eyed baby boy-Adonis. When the rapper shared their kid for the first time on social media, the folks went gaga over Adonis’ blue eyes, and they also started to speculate if the cutie inherited his looks from Drake or Brussaux. At the same time, they pointed out something different in the former adult film star’s appearance-particularly the nose and chin.

Sophie Brussaux before and after

Caption: Sophie Brussaux’s before and after the nose job and chin augmentation| Image Source: Glamour Fame

The recent picture of an artist, Brussaux displays a contoured chin along with a slightly upturned nose. In 2020, one of the followers pointed out if the change in camera angle had exhibited her with a different nose and chin.

But, most of them agreed that it was not a camera angle; instead, it’s a defined work from a plastic surgeon. Similarly, Brussaux’s before and after pictures shows a contrasting change in facial harmony due to scooped nasal bridge and reduced chin bone.

Never opened about plastic surgery

She has chosen to stay tight-lipped though the rumors and speculation regarding plastic surgery are too loud. Well, the change in the angle of her nose and bone structure of the chin has confined people to assert that Brussaux has really gone under the knife. However, the results are soothing since they have also admired the work on her face.

“Damn this is some good work.”

Sophie Brussaux Plastic Surgery

Caption: Drake and Brussaux share an adorable blue-eyed baby boy-Adonis| Image Source: Instagram

Also, another one suggested that the artist should stop further cosmetic surgeries as she had reached the level of facial harmony:

Halleluuuuuu she looks a million times better. She needs to stop here though.”

Drake’s baby mama looks much more alluring and captivating with a trimmer nose bridge and sharp shaped chin.

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