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Weight Loss

Simi Haze’s Weight Loss: They Look Much Slimmer Than Before | Did They Shed Some Pounds?

Simi Haze weight loss
Photo credit: Instagram/simihaze

Get all the details about Simi Haze’s purported liposuction weight loss efforts. Know their diet and exercise routine as well. Also, take a look at their before and after photos.

Simi Khadra and Haze Khadra, collectively known as Simi Haze, are undoubtedly the most powerful twin fashion duo on the internet right now, famous for their opulent and voguish style. The rising fashion icons Simi Haze has already started surpassing the fashion choices of even supermodels like Gigi Hadid.

In addition to their lifestyle, clothing, and aesthetically beautiful makeup, Simi Haze have also piqued the interest of many with their weight loss. Fans want to know how the twins managed to lose weight as they are quite shocked after looking at their Instagram photos now and how they used to look before.

So, here’s everything we know about Simi Haze’s weight loss and how they managed to appear so amazing.

Simi Haze Weight Loss Secret: Plastic Surgery or Workout?

Thanks to their Palestinian roots, Simi Haze are blessed with great facial features. Already the “fashion goals,” now they are being seen as “Twin Body Goals” as well.

The twins are becoming unbeatable day by day, thanks to their outstanding looks, incredible fashion sense, and toned bodies.

Simi Haze has a new lease on life now that they’re in their prime. When comparing their first appearance in NikeiD in 2013 to how they appear now, the weight loss and transformations are quite significant.

Simi Haze weight loss before and now photos

Simi Haze’s weight loss is quite visible after comparing their before and now photos. Photo credit:

Back in 2013, their bodies were thinner but not as toned as they are now. The duo has dropped a significant amount of facial fat, which is quite visible in their recent photos. After their dramatic transformation, many have started assuming the twins had plastic surgery, and that their weight loss was not natural.

According to speculations, Simi Haze had liposuction in the beginning to shed weight. However, photos of the sisters in their gym gear can be found on their Instagram, leading to speculation that they had undergone liposuction to improve their appearance and later started working out to stay up with and preserve their slim figure.

Simi Haze Before and After Weight Loss

The twin sisters are stealing the focus from supermodels like Gigi Hadid now that they have abs and gorgeous bodies. As evidenced in their recent Instagram photos, they have one of the amazing transformations.

Many people’s jaws fell and their eyes burst when they saw the sisters’ substantial weight loss compared to how they were when they came into the spotlight for the first time.

Simi Haze perfectly toned body after weight loss

Photo credit:

The beauty brand founders acquired the ideal figure with their weight loss procedure, resulting in a streamlined body, abs, perky butt, long skinny legs, and overall toned physique. Though there is no confirmation that the twins had liposuction, it is certain that they exercise to tone their bodies and obtain that hourglass form.

In addition to workouts, their nutrition also played an important role in maintaining their new form. As the Keto diet is popular among celebrities and models these days, the power sisters may have followed the Keto diet in order to maintain their figure. Many people were intrigued by the truths hidden underneath Simi Haze’s lovely physique.

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