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Plastic Surgery

Simi Haze Plastic Surgery: Did The Twin Sisters Go Under The Knife?

Simi Haze plastic surgery
Photo credit: Instagram/simihaze

The twin sisters Simi Haze look entirely different now than they used to eight years ago. They have allegedly gone under the knives for plastic surgery procedures such as a nose job, lip fillers, Blepharoplasty, and buccal fat removal surgery. Have a look at their before and after pictures. 

With their sumptuous and voguish style, Simi Khadra and Haze Khadra, together known as Simi Haze, are without a doubt the most powerful twin fashion duo on the internet right now. After capturing the eye of their followers with their fantastic style and equally astounding lifestyle, their transformation has recently been the talk of the town.

Aside from their weight loss, the most recent query is “Did they get plastic surgery?” So, here’s the lowdown on Simi Haze’s plastic surgery speculations.

Simi Haze, the Palestinian identical twins, are wild, fantastic, wavy, and cosmopolitan, reflecting a seething time not only in fashion and music but also in an expanding community of diasporic Arab innovation. Growing up in Riyadh, London, and California, the twin sisters have a multi-cultural upbringing that reflects in their music and design.

After drastically altering their appearance, their fans are curious as to whether the twins underwent plastic surgery and, if so, what treatments they had. Here’s everything you need to know about Simi Haze’s stunning transformation.

Simi Haze Plastic Surgery: They Look Like a Completely Different Person

Simi Haze are not just stylish but also exceptionally gorgeous, with faces that can compete with supermodels. The pair’s face appears to be sculpted by hands and is endowed with eloquent features as a result of their Palestinian and Arab roots.

In addition, when comparing photos of the twins from when they were teenagers, the changes are fairly noticeable. This begs the question, ‘Did they have plastic surgery or is it all makeup and contouring?’

Simi Haze before and after surgery photos

Simi Haze before and after comparison photos. Photo credit:

Though the twins never admitted or remarked on their plastic surgery, it’s evident when comparing their appearances in-depth

When comparing the sisters from 2013 to now, they appear to be very different. Looking at their old photos, most of the twins’ facial characteristics appear altered or enhanced. They had typical Palestinian features, such as droopy eyes, an extended nose, and thinner lips. The twins also sported lengthy, afro-style curls.

Looking at their photos now, it’s clear that the two had plastic surgery to improve their appearance here and there.

What Are The Cosmetic Procedures That Simi Haze Have Had?

Their highly hooded eyes now have space between them, indicating that the duo underwent Blepharoplasty, a type of surgery that restores droopy eyelids and may involve the removal of extra skin, muscle, and fat. Instead, the voguish twin may have received a brow lift.

Differences in their noses can also be seen. They used to have long, slim, and sharp noses, but today they have the perfect nose. Many people assume they had Rhinoplasty, sometimes known as a nose job.


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Along with their nose, the twins’ lips appear larger than they did previously. Lip filler could be something else they had done to enhance their features even further. Many people believe they had Buccal Fat removal surgery and botox injections to improve the bone structure of their lower face.

It is also believed that the twins had their hair permanently altered, as well as liposuction to minimize their body fat. Though the renowned twins never denied or accepted the claims, it’s clear that they went under the knife to obtain the beauty they have today.

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