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Plastic Surgery

Sharon Tay’s Plastic Surgery: Did She Go Under The Knife?

Sharon Tay Plastic Surgery

We’ll uncover the plastic details of Sharon Tay, who is renowned as the former news on MSNBC network, KCBS-TV, and KCAL-TV.

Originally from Singapore, she commuted to the US with her family at the age of seven. She knew what she would hold in the future right from the start. Hence, Ta studied journalism, held a degree, and applied as a news reporter for the broadcasting networks. She is in her mid-fifties and has the appearance of an age-defying woman on the screen.

True! Sharon Tay has comparatively fewer wrinkles, fuller lips, asymmetrical nose, and firmer bosoms. Did Tay book an appointment for a plastic surgeon to look younger?

Sharon Tay Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery has definitely changed its ways for many women around. It has helped them achieve finer looks and a young appearance. The two types of plastic surgery- cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery- are distinctive but own a similar aim to alter one’s symmetry’s discomfort and insecurities.

Sharon Tay Plastic Surgery

Caption: Did Sharon Tay book an appointment for a plastic surgeon to look younger?| Image Source: Sugar Fries

Tay is speculated to have undergone few procedures including boobs augmentation, nose job, Botox injections, and fillers injection. As a result, she appeared much young at the news station, showing no signs of crow’s feet in the corner of the eyes. Similarly, she has gained rounder and plump breast without the use of push up bras. Further, Tay has refined facial feature because of small straight-edged nose and fuller lips. Last but not least, she has alerted the way how she looked drastically.

Before and After Pictures

There is a significant change in the size of her breast. The recent pictures showcase fuller and firmer boobs, while the previous photo had much smaller ones. Perhaps she desired to change the breast’s shape since it looked out of shape due to breastfeeding. So, she might have chosen for breast augmentation and enlarged her bosoms.

Sharon Tay Before and after

Caption: The recent pictures of Sharon Tay showcase fuller and firmer boobs| Image Source: Pinterest

She also opted for rhinoplasty because her nose doesn’t seem as it used to be. The journalist had quite a big nose, which she thought to be an imperfect fit for her face proportion. Now, she has a relatively small nose accompanied by a scooped nasal bridge. In former times, she used to have a broad nasal bridge.

Sharon Tay Before and after

Caption: Sharon Tay; before and after the nose job| Image Source: Pinterest

Further, she has lesser wrinkles in the corner of her eyes. Usually, women in their mid-fifties are frustrated of crow’s feet whenever they make any facial expression. In other words, she must have injected Botox and made every facial wrinkle vanished in a shot. Hence, she has shown no signs of aging to date. Generally, the Botox injections last for three-four months. So, Tay must have scheduled her date for the shot at the end of the third or fourth month.

Sharon Tay Before and after

Caption: Sharon Tay; before and after the Botox Injection, Cheek fillers, and Lip fillers| Image Source: Pinterest

Still, the before and after picture hints, Tay has injected both cheek fillers and lip fillers. The injection has elevated volume around her cheekbones, giving more sharp edges on the facial harmony. Similarly, her lips appear plumper, fuller, and enhanced than before, because of lip fillers.

Was the Pain Worth the Gain?

TV viewers aren’t coming to terms with Sharon Tay’s plastic surgery- especially nose job and breast augmentation. They claim the change very unnatural and prefer her former nose as well as bosom. Some of them even criticized that the scooped nasal bridge doesn’t match her facial feature.

As a whole, the journalist looks unfazed with criticism; rather, she is at ease with refined bone structure and bigger bust. Years pass by, but people yearn to stay young and explore ways to appear younger than their actual age.  And an American journalist, Sharon Tay falls in the same category. Apart from negative responses and criticism, she stands as undefeatable age-defying beauty on the screen.

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Alisha Shrestha believes in hard work, and every tough work will lead to a beautiful end. She finds joy in reading entertainment stories and writing showbiz-related articles.

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