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Plastic Surgery

Lala Anthony’s Plastic Surgery: Did She Really Go Under The Knife?

LaLa Anthony Plastic Surgery

It seems, an American TV personality, LaLa Anthony is stuck in her youthful grace, while people believe she has done plastic surgery.

Lala Anthony has seen decades of the entertainment industry through VJ’s eye, television personality, actress, producer, and businesswoman. Born on June 25, 1979, in New York City, she shot to fame as an MTV VJ and VH1 host on Total Request Live and Flavor of Love, respectively. She has played subsequent roles in the movies- Two Can Play That Game, You Got Served, November Rule, Destined, Think like a Man, and many more. She has also starred in a series of reality shows- La La’s Full Court Wedding, and La La’s Full Court Life.

She has an age-defying beauty throughout her decade of career, whereas, many speculate she achieved it from cosmetic surgeries. Let’s reveal the truth:

Lala Anthony Plastic Surgery Details

Is it because she has fewer wrinkles around her eyes that many suspects have been through the procedures like Botox Injection? It isn’t the only reason the folk is dubious regarding Anthony’s youthful appearance. They have also noticed a significant change in the nose. Did she book an appointment for a plastic surgeon to rectify her nose into an ideal proportion? Apart from Botox injections and nose job, they speculate whether the former VH1 host, Anthony had gone under a knife for a boob job and butt lift.

LaLa Anthony Plastic Surgery

Caption: LaLa Anthony is stuck in her youthful grace, while people believe she has done plastic surgery| Image Source: Forbes

Thankfully, plastic surgery alters the physical appearance, when one isn’t comfy and insecure about their respective body parts. But it has always been a controversial term since many fetch for a natural look. Be that as it may, they also yearn for flawless beauty. It’s a voracious cycle; hence celebrities mostly neglect the speculation and rumors regarding plastic surgery. Let’s weigh up the before and after pictures of LaLa Anthony to figure out the whole truth.

Lala Anthony Before and After pictures

Who would believe that Anthony is in her early forties? She bears a resemblance to the women in their early thirties. Even the recent TV personality picture has hardly any crow’s feet in the corner of the eyes when she laughs or makes any facial expression. One develops crow’s feet in the mid-twenties. If they are more fortunate, they will develop relatively few wrinkles in their early forties.  It’s possible; because of genetic luck or less exposure to the sun. Perhaps Anthony is genetically fortunate, or has less exposed to the sun or injected Botox.

Lala Anthony Before and After

Caption: Lala Anthony Before and After Pictures: has few wrinkles; is it because of Botox| Image Source: Glamour Fame

Further, the current photos of LaLa Anthony show a significant change in her nose; doesn’t she have a narrower nose bridge than before? You never know, one can fake a nose job with makeup. Even YouTube is familiar with such makeup tutorials. She might have changed the shape of the nose through contour brush and makeup blenders.

Lala Anthony Before and After

Caption: Lala Anthony Before and After a nose job? Image Source: Pinterest

The speculation also claims that she has gone through a boob job. However, there’s not much modification in her breast, while weighing up the before and after pictures. She is blessed with bigger and plumper boobs, which makes her appealing in chic outfits.

Lala Anthony Before and After

Caption: Lala Anthony Before and After boob job? Image Source: Plastic Surgery

Finally, the speculation regarding the butt lifts seems true since her bottoms appear more round from the backside. Since the beginning, she is blessed with bigger bums too. Lately, clothing fits her bottoms more attractively, which is evident in the pictures. The butt lift has enhanced her bottoms curvier without reducing its original size.

Lala Anthony Before and After

Caption: Lala Anthony Before and After the butt lift? Image Source: Straight From A

What does LaLa say about those rumors?

She seems unwavering though the rumors and speculation have hovered around her for years. The former host of ‘I Love New York’ hasn’t aged at all; she still owns flawless beauty like she used to have in her debut film ‘Two Can Play That Game’.

Similarly, the TV personality hasn’t either accepted or turned down any plastic surgery rumors. Thus, it’s only speculation if she has undergone any of the mentioned cosmetic procedures or altered the facial harmony through makeup art. Nonetheless, she is aging gracefully.

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Alisha Shrestha believes in hard work, and every tough work will lead to a beautiful end. She finds joy in reading entertainment stories and writing showbiz-related articles.

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