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Weight Loss

Lady Kitty Spencer Weight Loss Journey: Workouts and Diet Plans!

Lady Kitty Spencer Weight Loss
Lady Kitty Spencer Weight Loss | Photo Credit: Celebs Diaries

Having a healthy lifestyle is becoming popular by the day. Numerous celebrities have started to take fitness seriously and have a healthy diet as part of their lifestyle. 

Lady Kitty Spencer is the niece of the late Princess Diana of the UK. She has been in the limelight for being related to her as well as her stunning beauty. Despite always being in the spotlight due to her popularity, she has been making headlines for other reasons well. Spencer lost a lot of weight drastically recently which has her fan’s jaw drop.

Spencer used to be a little overweight than the average standard so she decided to take her health track and started her weight loss journey. How did she lose all her weight?

Lady Kitty Spencer Weight Loss

Unlike other celebs, Kitty Spencer’s weight loss journey started as a ‘confidence building’ exercise. She was constantly body-shamed being as she was always in the spotlight. Some haters even gave comments like “Lay off the cake” and “too fat for a bikini”. Such comments affected Spencer a lot and made her less confident in her own body.

Kitty Spencer before and after weight loss

Kitty Spencer Before and After Weight Loss

After attending the Royal Wedding of her cousin Prince Harry, a lot of fans were impressed with her look and beauty which led to her Instagram followers growing. she gained around 37 thousand followers after her appearance. Several designers also took notice of Spencer’s strong presence and beauty. She was offered to be the face of Bvlgari only after a week of the wedding.

Being on the other side of the world in her career of social work, the fashion industry was quite exciting and overwhelming for Spencer which led to her decision of being in control of her body and confidence and starting her fitness journey.

What did Lady Kitty Spencer do to lose weight?

Spencer lost a lot of weight quite soon after starting her fitness journey. She went to the fitting of Dolce and Gabanna and surprised the designer with her weight loss as the clothes did not fit her. Spencer lost her weight even though it was not required by the brands which led Dolce to ask her if she lost weight.

Kitty Spencer then and now

Kitty Spencer then and now

Though it is not revealed what exact diet and exercise routine she follows, she talked about having a healthy diet helped her in losing weight. Spencer also goes to the gym frequently as it is obvious that she lifts weight with her stunning toned body. She also adds some cardio to her routine.

Kitty Spencer’s Life after Weight Loss

Spencer has been living her best life after her transformation. She seems more confident in her body and performs very well in her ramp walks. Spencer has walked and worked for designers such as Dolce and Gabanna, Gucci, and Bvlgari. She looks amazing after her weight loss and struts the runway with confidence. her fitness journey is very inspiring.

Her weight loss was not only for vanity but also for her good. After being in the spotlight for many years, haters didn’t back down from breaking her confidence because of her weight. She gained control of the situation and started her weight loss journey. Spencer is now confident, looks stunning, and is taking the fashion industry by storm. She is happily married to her spouse and is also involved in charity work.

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