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Plastic Surgery

Joy Philbin’s Plastic Surgery: Did She Really Go Under The Knife?

Regis Philbin wife, Joy Philbin Plastic Surgery

Rumor has it; Joy Philbin has undergone the artwork of a plastic surgeon. Let’s reveal the plastic surgery details and the rumors and speculation of Joy Philbin, the wife of the late TV personality, Regis Philbin.

She is known as Regis Philbin’s wife, who was labeled as the ‘hardest working man in show business. The pair spent 50 years of blissful married life. She has featured in her husband’s TV shows-Live with Regis and Kathie Lee and Live with Regis and Kelly in the absence of the co-hosts-Kathie Lee and Kelly Ripa respectively.  Last year, Regis Philbin the host of ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ passed away because of a natural cause.

What has Joy Philbin said on her rumors and speculation regarding plastic surgery? Did she go for fillers, facelift surgery, and Botox?

Joy Philbin plastic surgery details

Whenever she makes a public appearance, folks have often questioned if she had undergone cosmetic procedures. They point out three predominant procedures- Botox, facelift surgery, and fillers. The TV personality has relatively fewer wrinkles when she laughs out loud. Similarly, her face doesn’t match her age; she is in her early eighties.

Joy Philbin Plastic Surgery

Caption: Folks have often questioned if Joy Philbin had undergone cosmetic procedures| Image Source: Glamour Fame

The Botox injections last three-four months and lessen the crow’s feet underneath or corner of the eyes. Fillers are also popular among female celebrities as it refines the bone structure either by raising or decreasing the volume around the cheekbones. Apart from Botox and Fillers, the speculation also draws attention to facelift surgery which modules one’s youthful appearance. It cut out the surplus of skin folds as well as sagging skin on the jaws and cheeks. Consequently, it refines the face structure that changes with the aging phenomenon.

Joy Philbin Before and after pictures

No one can tell if she is 80 years old in the recent pictures. Philbin looks stunning with relatively fewer wrinkles around her eyes. At the same time, she is an exemplary definition of ‘high cheekbone’. She has an ideal cheek contour that her cheek muscles slightly dip beneath the bone and give a feminine appearance. It might be why people speculated if she either went for Botox or fillers to alter the face proportion.

Joy Philbin Before and After

Caption: Joy Philbin Before and After Pictures| Image Source: GlamourFame

Around 80, people usually have a sagging appearance along with visible folds of skin in cheeks and jaws. The cosmetic procedure- facelift surgery doesn’t give a chance to such physical mien. Therefore, it’s not dubious why people suspect she has also gone under the knife to get rid of sagging and skin folds around her cheeks and chins. The recent picture showcase she is in her late fifties or early sixties. She is living young than before.

What does Joy say about these rumors?

Joy Philbin has neither agreed nor declined rumors regarding her cosmetic surgery, including Botox, facelift surgery, and fillers. While the before and after picture of the TV personality is quite evident, she has opted to stay quiet. According to the experts, Philbin has no dilemma of fine lines, sagging skin, and excess folds around her jaws because of moderate cosmetic procedures.

Regardless of the plastic surgery rumors- Botox facelift surgery, and fillers, she is in the best shape and enjoys a moment with grandchildren- Ivy Elizabeth Schur and William Schur.

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Alisha Shrestha believes in hard work, and every tough work will lead to a beautiful end. She finds joy in reading entertainment stories and writing showbiz-related articles.

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