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Plastic Surgery

Joe Biden’s Plastic Surgery: Yet To Address Trump’s Claims!

Joe Biden Plastic Surgery

The 2020 presidential campaign on the United States brought some new yet shocking questions among the people. The hottest topic of the debate or campaign trail was about was the appearance of the opponents.

Is it true that the new president of the United States, Joe Biden underwent plastic surgery? Let’s find out…

Joe Biden 47th President

The United States moved towards 2021 with its new President, Joe Biden. The 2020 election was challenging but had the most interesting debates of the year. Along with public concern about new policies and regulations, rumors about Biden’s plastic surgery made its way to the people.

Truth About Joe Biden’s Plastic Surgery

People are quite curious to know the secret behind Joe Biden’s new appearance. His face seems slightly different than it used to be.

Joe Biden Mask

Biden, the 47th president of the United Staes of America, found himself entangled into rumors that he underwent a face-lift and fixed his hairline. He likely took the help of the advancement of cosmetic technology to fix his look.

Prefers Some Facts To Stay Hidden

Many people are interested in Biden’s face surgery and his plans to support the nation. People suspect that the president went under the knife to fix his appearance. Not to forget, the rumors about his transformation were a topic of concern back in 1987.

Back then, one of the Washington reporters asked Mr Biden whether he had a transplant on his face. The president replied, saying he wanted some facts about his life hidden.

Joe Biden Plastic Surgery

The president was born Joseph Robinette Biden Jr on November 20, 1942. He grew up in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and then New Castle County. . The 78-years-old president is a law graduate. He has also been a lawyer and author too.

Donald Trump Statement towards Plastic Surgery and the New President

In one of the rallies, Donald Trump addressed his supporters and accused Biden of undergoing plastic surgery. He also pointed out the fact that Biden usually covers his face with a mask.

Trump said:

“I mean honestly, what the hell he spend all that money on the plastic surgery if he’s going to cover it up with a mask.”

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Trump was all over Biden with his remarks. However, the newly elected US president kept his concerns on his plans rather than Trump’s acquisition. He has not yet addressed Trump’s claims on the surgery. The priority for Biden right now is to minimize the victim of Covid-19.

Many people lost their life due to the virus on Trump’s terms. However, 2021 could bring better results in the United States.

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