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Dasmehdi’s Net Worth in 2021: Big Reveal In His Earnings Per Video

Dasmehdi Net Worth

We’ll go public with the net worth of Dasmehdi who is notable as a Twitch streamer and YouTube personality.

A few years back, none had hoped if they could earn via gaming. Now, the scenario is different. The gamer and YouTube personality, Mehdi Zahid, aka, Dasmehdi or DonCoco have a massive fan following due to his strategic gaming insights in God of War, State of Decay 2, Arma 3, and many more.  His brother, Lirik (DatGuyLirik) holds the same profession, Twitch streamer.

Let’s figure out, if the Twitch streamer or YouTuber, Dasmehdi holds remunerative earnings and inspires other newbie gamers on the other side?

Dasmehdi’s Net Worth in 2021

As per the source, expert streamer pockets between $3,000 and $5,000 per month playing 40 hours a week, Dasmehdi has accumulated a net worth of more than $1 million, streaming various games online. Some of them are God of War, State of Decay 2, Arma 3, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, Wild West Online, and so on.  He has a pool of followers in the Twitch account, where he earns $26,000 per gaming session.

Dasmehdi Net Worth, Income, Salary

Caption: Dasmehdi has accumulated a net worth of more than $1 million, streaming various games online| Image Source: Twitch TV

The member of Twitch star, Dasmehdi was previously a computer engineer. Somehow, he got hooked to gaming dynamics rather than computer engineering jobs; hence he switched to full-time Twitch streamer. Moreover, he has been a major part of the ‘Das of Out Lives’ series. Also, he is the pioneer streamers of blackjack on the galaxy, where he held unbeatable records.

What’s More in Dasmehdi’s Millions of Net Worth

Apart from the Twitch platform, he is an active YouTube personality. It’s another platform where he collectively manages earnings from advertisements, sponsorships, and merchandise. The sources claim that he secures $25,000 from his YouTube videos alone.

 Dasmehdi Net Worth, Income

Caption: Mehdi Zahid, aka, Dasmehdi or DonCoco has a massive fan following due to his strategic gaming insights| Image Source: Twitch TV

Most of his fans are wowed by his game tactics, strategies, and quirky commentaries. Thus, he has a massive fan following in both Twitch account and YouTube premises.

Dasmehdi’s Brother is a Pro Twitch Streamer

Dasmehdi’s younger brother Lirik (DatGuyLirik), is a renowned Twitch streamer too. First, Dasmehdi helped Lirik to play video games during their childhood days. Then, Lirik introduced his elder brother to the virtuous of gaming streams- Twitch.

Caption: Dasmehdi and Lirik shares a close-knit bond

Lirik boasts more than 2 million fan followings in his Twitch account. Also, he pockets whopping net worth, being one of the most influential gamers, sponsored by Discord.

What’s Dasmehdi’s Real Name?

Six years older than Lirik,  Dasmehdi is 36 years old. His birth name Mehdi Zahid. Originally from German, he chose ‘Das’, which refers to ‘The’ in his native language, in front of his real name, Mehdi Zahid, and turned into moniker, Dasmehdi. He streams most of his game from his current residence, Massachusetts.

Dasmehdi holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Brandeis University. Following graduation, he also worked in the position of computer engineering in a company. Soon, he quitted the job and followed his younger brother Liril into Twitch streaming.

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