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Dasmehdi’s Girlfriend: Is He Dating A Gamer Girl?

Dasmehdi Girlfriend

Besides the gaming zone, what is Dasmehdi’s relationship status? Let’s unbox our curiosity:

Mehdi Zahid goes by the gaming moniker, Dasmehi or DonCoco is notable as a Twitch streamer and YouTube personality. Even his young brother, Lirik is in the same field, and his fame is quite a stir in the Twitch platform. Dasmehdi built his fan base from video games- such as God of War, State of Decay 2, Arma 3, Wild West Online, etc.

However, fans are dark about the relationship status of the YouTuber, Dasmehdi. We’ll break down the details here:

Relationship Status: Dasmehdi’s Girlfriend?

He is an open book when it comes to video games’ tactics. On the contrary, he stays reserved if it’s about revealing his personal details. Even his Instagram account is filled with brief clips of video games; unfortunately, the feeds haven’t disclosed any of his secrets regarding relationship and affairs.

Dasmehdi Relationship

Caption: Dasmehdi stays reserved if it’s about revealing his personal details.| Image Source: Twitch TV

Well, he tries to use pickup lines and impress the female character of video games. We can only speculate if he remembers the same pickup lines and woos any girl when he is out. Or, he gets the catchy lines from girls most of the time?

Dasmehdi is Not Married

It seems as if the Twitch streamer is a bachelor; he might be thinking of settling down soon, who knows? None of the social media platforms has a clue that Dasmehdi is committed to his girlfriend.  He will be on the seventh heaven if his soon-to-be partner or girlfriend is into the gaming zone as he is. It would make them a dream couple, sharing a similar passion for getting competitive and planning ploys to get ahead in the game.

Dasmehdi Net Worth

Caption: None of the social media platforms has a clue that Dasmehdi is committed to his girlfriend.| Image Source: Twitch TV

He has a massive fan following in his Twitch account as well as a YouTube channel. Therefore, he makes remunerative paychecks from streaming games on both premises. The sources confirm that he secures an estimated paycheck of $25,000 per month from his YouTube videos. Similarly, he earns more; $26,000 per video streaming via his Twitch account.

He used to be a Computer Engineer

36 years old, Dasmehdi commuted from German to the US with his family when he was young. Even his gaming moniker, Dasmehdi is coined from his native German language, where Das in German represents ‘The’, while Mehdi is his real name.

He made his little brother, Lirik fond of video games. Later, the circumstances changed inertly as Lirik introduced the Twitch platform to Mehdi. Before making a Twitch account, he was working as a computer engineer in Massachusetts. The YouTuber owns a Master’s degree in computer science from Brandeis University.

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