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About Everything Celeb

The Shawty Life is about Beauty, Fitness, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Health, and more. We, the editorial team are trying our best to publish contents that provide value to our loyal readers.

Types of Contents

We generally write six types of content/stories:

  • Celebrity News

  • Celebrity Weight Loss Stories

  • Celebrity Lifestyle

  • Celebrity Diet Plan and Workouts

  • Celebrity Plastic Surgery

  • Celebrity Wikipedia

Editorial Team

We are currently hiring new and enthusiastic writers and editors. Right now, we have an editor all the way from Japan, Kai Amato, leading the team. And for the content, we have Subhankar Sha from India, Jeffry Jones from the US, and Usain Nafiza from Bangladesh.

We are hoping to gain more and more creative content creators from all over the world.

If you think of yourself as a Sherlock Holmes of the entertainment industry, join the crew!